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More pleasure. Less compromise.


Close to your home.

Whether it's for storage or parking, new spaces are added daily, providing you with even more conveniency in your area.


Up to 60 % cheaper.

At Sharebee, we work hard to give you more space at a lower price than traditional storage as your know it.


Insurance included.

For all rentals, our partner Sovereign General insures you up to $2,000,000 free of charge. You can sleep soundly.

Transform the way you use space.

Benefit from a unique community

With thousands active users and 24/7 support, we offer you a turnkey solution to get more space at a low cost.

Reduce your impact

By occupying unused space in private homes, you can help optimize the space in your city while enjoying unparalleled proximity.

Discover the new generation of space

How can we make space smarter? By taking care of the owner verification so you don't have to. By managing payments automatically. And by using a proprietary algorithm to make sure you always find what meets your needs faster and faster.

Find a space

Do you own extra space?

Like thousands of people every day, Sharebee lets you rent any extra space you have at home and earn money with it. This spare space can be a garage, an attic, a parking, and more.


Our secret? Outstanding service.

Jean-François B.

Jean-François B.


“Amazing concept, you guys are revolutionizing storage!”

Nathalie T.

Nathalie T.


“Cool idea! Amazing servive! Lots of advice and care!”

Daniel D.

Daniel D.


“Needed to find a space with a specific budget, thanks Sharebee for making it happen.”


Last but not least…

80+ other 5-star reviews of our Facebook fans

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La souveraine

2 million dollars. Surely practical.

For all rentals, Sharebee has a civil liability insurance against any accidental damage thanks to La Souveraine. Enough to make you sleep soundly.

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