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We handle all the transactions so you don’t have to worry about payment. We automatically debit the renter and each month deposit the money directly into your bank account.

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We will notify you when rentals are over, and help you find a new renter so that you may keep monetizing your space year long.

What our customers think of Sharebee

Jean-François B.

Jean-François B.


“Amazing concept, you guys are revolutionizing storage!”

Nathalie T.

Parisa N.


“Professional team, very good customer service. Highly recommended.”

Nathalie T.

Nathalie T.


“Cool idea! Amazing service! Lots of advice and care!”

Daniel D.

Daniel D.


“Needed to find a space with a specific budget, thanks Sharebee for making it happen.”


Dominic P.


”Magic ... really a great service!”