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Fondée en août 2016 et basée à Montréal, Sharebee est la plateforme qui permet à des particuliers ou des entreprises d’afficher ou de louer des espaces normalement inutilisés à des fins d’entreposage, de remisage ou de stationnement.

Avec plus de 2,000 espaces, Sharebee est la plateforme de référence au Canada pour proposer ou réserver un emplacement qui convient à tous types de besoins.

Maxime Villemure

Fondateur, CEO

Formerly a successful international professional poker player, Maxime now has more than 5 years of startup executive management experience as COO and CEO. A blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist, he also holds a management degree from McGill University.

Hazem Rushdi Mohamed


With a passion for technology and user experience, Hazem has spent most of his professional career as a CTO in the tech-startup space. He co-founded one of the first augmented reality startups in Montreal in 2011, where he led the company technologically and drove product development.

Adlene Barouche


With 8 years of experience and an in-depth expertise that spans mobile and web development, graphic design, 3D modeling and 3D game development, Adlene has always been pushing the envelope with emerging technologies. His problem solving skills, his ability to rapidly master new disciplines makes him the ideal person to be the CTO at Sharebee in which he helps the company with strategy, management and development of its proprietary technologies.

Alice St-Louis

Digital Marketing

Starting her first company at only 16, Alice has a passion when it comes to marketing. Before coming to Sharebee she was a marketing analyst at one of Montreal’s biggest all-integrated communication agencies. In the fall of 2018, she will attend McGill University: the top-ranked business school in Canada.

Thomas Wong

Lead Software Engineer

With a love of problem solving and a hunger for learning, Thomas thrives in fast-paced situations. He has worked at many tech startups across North America and recently graduated McGill University with honors in Computer Science. His expertise as a full stack web developer and his enthusiastic, go-getter attitude, reaffirm his integral role as the lead engineer in the creation of Sharebee's blockchain platform.

Abel Posiere

Lead UI/UX

With a versatile profile in many different art mediums (including UI/UX, print, web, mobile development, 3d, virtual reality and more), Abel has a fascination with taking on new challenges. With 6 years of experience, he is joining the Sharebee Team to help the platform develop a meaningful user experience.

Emilie Karramkan

Customer Success Specialist

With almost 10 years of experience in client relations, Emilie is always very conscientious about giving a high quality service to her clients. Being the first customer service specialist representative at Sharebee, she brings the structure that the service requires with a nice warm touch from the Caribbean.

Alexandre Tah

Financial Manager

Alexandre earned a bachelor degree of commerce in accountancy while gaining international working experience. He worked in commodities trading in Brussels, Belgium and in finance, assisting CIH, the second largest Ivorian rubber producer, in their fund raising activities. He has been managing Sharebee's finances since its inception and has a considerable amount of experience with cryptocurrencies and trading.

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